Tax Problem is No Problem

Had a great experience getting both my personal and business taxes done at La Rusa. They go above and beyond – I wasn’t rushed and got the personal attention needed to ensure all my questions were answered. I highly recommend La Rusa.

Cherlyn Warner


I don’t know what i would do without the help of La Rusa Tax. Elina and her team are truly extraordinary and beat out any other tax/insurance professionals. They are unique in that the service they provide is top notch and the knowledge they have can’t be compared. My business has doubled since working with them because of the way they taught me how to control the back end of things and from the things they led me to know which has helped me grow. I recommend them 100% and encourage anyone to give them a call. Truly THE BEST!

Michelle Chamo

Service Around the Clock

La Rusa’s team is the best! I have been using Elina’s services for over 10 years now. After I moved from Florida, she continued doing my personal taxes (including various states) as I simply cannot imagine trusting anyone else. La Rusa’s call back time is outstanding and Elina has called me herself multiple times from her personal cell phone after work hours to resolve issues that came up. I love how she takes care of us. All emails with tax returns are always secured with extra password protection which is so crucial nowadays. The team is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to do the research on difficult tax issues, if needed. I strongly recommend La Rusa to everyone.

Marina Smolgovsky

Taxes Always Done Right

We have used the services of Elina for many years. Elina understands and specializes in the child care industry which is very unique in the tax field. I feel safe knowing that my taxes are being done right!

Lynn Gibson

Trust is Implicit

Elina is been doing my taxes for 16yrs… I moved from Florida to Masachussets 6yrs ago and still doing my taxes with her by fax. I couldn’t trust anyone else. She is caring, responsible and professional. I will totally recommend her!!!! 🙂

Sarabeth Serrano

Integrity is the Foundation

Consistent, thorough, efficient and sensitive to the needs of the client. Integrity is the foundation she stands on and does not waiver. So yes, I am more than pleased with the work she has done.

Louis Waters

Tax Expert Working for YOU, not the IRS

Fast, honest and very knowledgeable personal. Elina is the best in the tax area. She is always wiling to help you and give you advise which is working for you. I would not go anywhere else…..Elina helping my family for over 10 years and we are very happy with her services.

Maria Pahel- Malina

You are in Good Hands

I have been Elina’s customer for the last 10 years. It is so simple, you do not have to worry about the quality of her work and her dedication toward her clients. I am very happy she is offering Obamacare Insurance services because there are many people in need of it but most important in need of someone who they can talk to and trust.

Christine Bennett